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Empowering You Lifestyle Centre Inc. is a nutrition-based company that specializes in inspiring people to lead a healthy lifestyle. Anything from weight loss to sports nutrition is offered.

  • Every aspect of the company is about YOU.
  • The menu plan is about YOU.
  • The weight loss visits are about YOU.
  • The coaches are there for YOU.

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We’ve been open since 2009 and there has been over 3000 people come through our doors. If someone was to ask me why so many, I would have to answer that it’s the non-pressured environment that’s been created. Our clients are not pressured to purchase any kind of weight loss product. It’s all about the individuality of each and every client that makes Empowering You unique.

This year I am very proud to announce that I have completed my Certified Life Coach Certification. This is very exciting for me as now I can deal with behavior modification as well as the science of nutrition. Both are equally as important as the other!

If you are looking for a fantastic, affordable weight loss program, please consider Empowering You. The last six years have proven themselves in making clients healthy, strong (in all aspects of their lives) and most of all happy! Be Good to yourself!

Brenda Barry
Owner/ Director
Certified Life coach Practitioner

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