Is Empowering You a franchise?

NO. We are 100% locally owned and operated. The owner/operator/founder is also on staff and seen on the floor on a daily basis. The advantages to this are that if there are any concerns, complaints or suggestions, they can be dealt with in a timely manner. We are most definitely open to suggestions.

The owner’s e-mail is brenda@areyouempowered.ca

Why detox?

Detoxing your body will leave you feeling better about yourself, both from the inside and out, as well as make you physically feel better. Alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars, white flour and saturated fats all act as toxins in the body. The desired end result is general good health and increasing your body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

At Empowering You, we start your program with a detox. The purpose of this is to get your body ready for your individual menu plan.

*** Certain health restrictions apply.***

Do I count points?

Our program is not based upon a point system. It is a very user- friendly program, whereby you make sure that you have the required daily intake of the five basic food groups. Every client’s program will be different, based on certain physical and health factors.

Do I have to keep a food diary?

Absolutely. Below are some of the reasons why:

1)Statistics have shown that anyone who journals their food has a higher success rate at getting to their goal weight. Diaries allow you to see exactly what you are eating each day, it also allows for accountability.

2)Most important reason: When it comes to food intake, what works one day, one week, one month, doesn’t necessarily mean it is going to work today, next week or next month. Coaches have to be able to examine a client’s food intake so they can make suggestions and changes. This is one of the ways weight loss is accelerated and will contribute to keeping ahead of plateaus.

In summary, without a diary, we really can’t help you. It is very important to bring your diary with you, when you visit us two times a week.

Is there a weight scale involved?

Until some genius invents something that is way more accurate than a weight scale, we will have to use it for a guide line, and to track the progress of your weight.

HOWEVER, we focus on way more important elements while clients are trying to reach their goal weight. We emphasize the following:

  • How a client feels
  • Improvement of health (ex: has your blood pressure gone down?)
  • Have you lost more inches than pounds?
  • How does your clothes fit?
  • Most importantly, are you happier?

Do I have to buy any product?

We, as a company, will not be selling any type of supplement, protein bar, or any other kind of weightless aid. However, as a client, if you feel it necessary to incorporate any of the above, it is up to you. Please come to us so we can document what you are using, and advise you on how to do so.

Why is it important to visit the centre two times a week?

By visiting the centre only once a week, six and a half days have gone by without any support from us. Visiting the centre two times a week is just as important as keeping a food diary. Plus, we like to see you!

Are there group meetings?

Absolutely not! All clients are treated on a private and personal basis. Everyone’s needs, health, and lifestyles are different. All of this has to be taken into consideration to have individual success!

Are we a fitness facility/gym?

No, we are not. However, we do encourage our clients to participate in some form of physical activity. The combination of our program and physical activity will speed up your weight loss process and help you trim inches. If you feel it is necessary, speak to your physician before starting any sort of fitness regime. From time to time, we will partner up with some fitness instructors to offer fun programs, such as Zumba.

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