Private and Corporate Groups

Private and Corporate Groups

Statistics show that a company with an employee assistance program focusing on health and wellness has a reduced absenteeism and a reduction in staff turnover.  Moreover, leading to increased skill retention, a reduction in recruitment and training costs.  This assists in higher staff moral which results in increased productivity and mental well being.  In layman’s terms, a healthy staff is a happy staff.

We are pleased to offer fantastic corporate rates as well as the flexibility of having our staff come to you for your weight loss/nutritional visits.  You may also come to the centre as a group or individually.  In addition to our counselling services, we also provide educational seminars.

Please feel free to contact us at the centre, via e-mail or even drop by.

Previous Corporate Groups

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    Service Canada - 3 groups

  • Johnson Insurance - Health and Lifestyle day

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    Service Canada Public Works Group

Our Corporate Clients

Service Canada and Empowering You Lifestyle Center teamed up to coordinate several 8 week Healthy Lifestyle/Weightloss Challenges in 2012. The results were truly awe-inspiring. Service Canada employees, and their family and friends, lost hundreds of pounds and gained new skills and new attitudes to help lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The best thing about this kind of challenge is that everyone wins! Thank you to the staff at Empowering You Lifestyle Center for their constant support. We really are empowered!

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