Lost 57 pounds, 37.25 Inches

I have to thank Empowering YOU Lifestyle Center for making me feel so good about myself.

I was putting on weight, buying larger clothes and wearing sweaters over my tops at work, not liking what I saw. In April I looked in the mirror and hated what I saw, what I had done to myself by over eating. I heard about Empowering YOU from my sister in law who was having fantastic results. I joined on April 29, 2013, I was committed to the program, followed my plan, weighed and measured all my food, kept my diary, got weighed twice a week and consulted with the staff about my successes and challenges.

I had amazing results, better than I had anticipated! After 20 weeks I lost 57 pounds and 37.25 inches!! This program is for anyone, as I have proven, as I am what would be considered a Senior citizen. I now feel younger, healthier, am more active and love to show off in my new clothes, Thank you Empowering YOU, this is the best weight loss program ever!!!

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