Lost: 67 pounds, 35.25 Inches

EMPOWERMENT …. To give the authority to do something: to make stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights!!

I have heard that if you surround yourself with positive people and energy, you will be positively affected. They say dream it … achieve it!!!
Last July, 2012, I truly did not know what empowerment meant. When told of this program I thought, oh another one to try and fail. I have been battling weight for most of my adult life. Yo Yo dieting was my life. I decided to give Empowering YOU a try after a friend of mine had tremendous success with it. He did the Eight Week Weight Loss Challenge. Eight weeks I told myself was nothing …you can do anything for eight weeks! I can and I did it!! Eleven months later and 67 lbs pounds later I have reached my goal! I never thought possible.

The program works! Stick to what they say, eat all your servings and mostly, write down everything you put in your mouth (Amazing sometimes the little things you forget make quite a difference) and most of all go in and weigh and talk to the girls! That is for me the most important part of this whole process. All other programs you are just a number, like a herd of cattle, waiting in line to find out if you did or did not lose weight. They don’t ask you what you ate, why you gained or lost, they take your money and say see you next week.

To say Thank you to Brenda and Kristen and the rest of the staff at empowering YOU does not seem enough. They have empowered me to continue with the next part of my journey. With their amazing encouragement and support I am sure I will maintain my goal. People look at me in amazement and ask what in the world have I done, I am so proud to tell thme how I feel far outweighs (pardon the pun) the look. Yes I have gone from a size 24 to a 12, but they are only numbers. My health and EMPOWERMENT is what this weight loss journey has given me most of all.

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